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08/17 - Between now and October 14, 2017, I will refund the first $10 of shipping for any roombox or shop.
07/17 - Stager-Beckwith House is coming along nicely.  Children's Museum in Cleveland will re-open in October with dollhouse galleries.
06/17 - added Michelangelo Pavilion to webpage.  Debuted and sold at Chicago International.
04/17 - I have to apologize.  I have not been keeping up with the webpage so much, as we now have a Facebook page.  Please follow us there.
04/17 - The Michelangelo Pavilion debuted at the 2017 Chicago International Miniature Show.  Check out the pictures.
04/17 - added the ManCave roombox - can be used as Pub, ManCave, Basement rec room, Classroom - whatever you like.  Finished.
04/17 - added Gold French Roombox to our list - similar to French, but with flashier gold trim
03/17 - Committed to create a representation of  Stager-Beckwith House in Cleveland, OH
12/16 - There is still time to order your special box for yourself or for a Christmas gift for someone special.

11/16 - continuing scanning and framing YOUR photos at shows.  I can also print digital and cell phone photos - just email them to me!!!
11/16 - expanded line of silhouette pictures.
11/16 - developed a line of "Sign holders" for our shops and yours.  Can be customized to suit.
10/16 - added Large Southwest roombox to web page - should have been there for years !
10/16 -  fixed Acropolis roombox webpage - (thanks, Cindy)
08/16 - We designed and built a Medieval roombox for a customer.
07-16 - We designed and built a 24" Tudor roombox for a customer request - nice !!
06/16 - We visited National Museum of Toys and Miniatures - Kansas City - Amazing!
05/16 - We visited the Denver Museum of  Miniatures, Dolls and Toys.  Cool!
04/16 - I made 2 large batches of framed photographs for customers - their own family pictures - fun !
04/16 - Final preparations for Chicago International.  Look for us farther down the hallway - across from the entrance to the Orange Room!
12/15 - Look what Liz Le Bosse is doing with our Small Victorian Shop - click here.  It has sold to a customer.
11/15 - SMALL BUSINESS SATURDAY - discount all weekend.  10% off roomboxes and shops purchased on web page.  Refund issued.
10/15 - Our Small Victorian Shop will be on the IGMA Gallery of the Guild table at Good Sam Show - San Jose - Oct 10 and 11.
09/15 - Our roomboxes were mentioned in the article on Texas Miniature Showcase in Miniature Collector - November 2015 issue - pg 40.!!!
09/15 - Our Virginia Federal and Marble House were in the article on replicas in Miniature Collector - November 2015 issue - pg 21.
9/15 - OK it worked!!!  I took my laptop and printer to Chicago Fall and scanned a customer's picture !!!!!!!
8/15 - Very excited!  Matt Chappell finished our Keystone box and it is in Sept/Oct issue of Dollhouse Miniatures !  Yay, Matt!
7/15 - Reserve a roombox or shop by making a $20 deposit and we will be sure to have it for you at the show you indicate.
5/15 - 4 NEW Goliath Custom Mats are available !!!! see page to order
5/15 - The Art Deco Box Article is in July issue of Miniature Collector - pg 28 - great work, Ladies !!!!
5/15 -  Smallsea's Tremont Bridal Shop is on pg 46 - (July issue of Miniature Collector) using our Victorian Shop components - beautiful!
5/15 - Trish Miller's Tea Pot Bakery (custom Victorian Shop) is featured with more of her collection - pg 52 - (July issue of Miniature Collector)fantastic work!
04/15 - Such a nice surprise - pg 22 of June Miniature Collector has a picture of our Victorian Shop finished in Jo Bevilaqua's class!!!!
04/15 - So glad - the new 5 opening collage mat has arrived and will be available at Chicago International!
04/15 - John has completed 2(4? - you'll see what I mean) new styles of shops.
04/15 - I have had to increase the shipping charge for roomboxes and shops - increased cost of materials.
04/15 - John has 3 three new roomboxes for Chicago International.  Working on new shops now!
04/15 - Don't forget - I can miniaturize YOUR pictures and frame them for you !
04/15 - Jacqueline's collage frames - C101E and C102E have been discontinued - I have one each available with my pictures already installed.  I also have my pictures available for them.  I have a new mat to be sold by Goliath Miniatures LLC.
04/15 - Goliath Custom Mats are now available - will be offerring more as they are available.  Suggestions?
03/15 - I am so excited - I have my own mats available - web page soon !!!!!
03/15 - TEB frames and easels are no longer available from our distributor - I do have a good supply on hand - see this page.
02/15 - I have added a Framing Charge to the miniature frame page.  
You can now select that and send file via email for me to frame your picture.
01/15 - So excited - we are going to TEXAS MINIATURE SHOWCASE this year!!!!  
Hope to see customers from Texas we have met elsewhere.
01/15 - Finalized many show contracts - see list online - keep checking back as it gets updated.
12/14 - John has built me a new display piece - frames will be easier to find, I hope.
12/14 - We moved 119 Main St/12 one more time - John says the LAST time.  
11/14 - Found some new frames and SOLD OUT at Philadelphia Miniaturia.  Have more - order here.
11/14 - our Victorian Roombox - completed by a customer - is featured in Jan 2015 issue of Miniature Collector!!!   YAY!!!
11/14 - Thank you to all the customers at Philadelphia Miniaturia and Columbus (OH) Show!!!  You make all our work worth it !
11/14 - I customized one of our Half Scale Victorian Shops into "Vera's Antique Shoppe".  This was a thank you gift - to be used on a train layout.
10/14 - just returned from retirement trip to Las Vegas, Bryce Canyon, and Zion National Park - now have pictures from all those places!
09/14 - There is a rumor that the CMS Show in October is cancelled. This is WRONG !!!
Cleveland Miniaturia Society's 43rd show is still being held on Saturday, October 11, from 10 am - 4 pm, at the Don Umerley Civic Center, 21016 Hilliard Blvd., Rocky River, Ohio
08/14 - Just found out - Sisters of Immaculate Deception - our 1891 box - is in the Miniature Museum of Greater St Louis!  What a kick !
08/14 - We're excited to begin the Fall show season with the IGMA show - missed it last year !
08/14 - John is pictured with the NAME Men's Garden Club - Miniature Collector - September 2014 issue - pg.24
07/14 - just saw one of my pictures on a blog - thanks !  (A later entry shows it in the house )
05/14 - Jacqueline's Collage frames have been discontinued - I still have a small supply.  Will try to replace - stay tuned.
05/14 - Had a great time at Ann Arbor Show - thanks, Linda.  Nice meeting all you new customers and visiting with previous ones!
04/14 - Put pictures on Facebook of other vendor's products - really neat things !
04/14 - Saw quite a few customers/friends at Chicago International.  Someone asked for Silver Frames - what do you think?
04/14 - changed price on photo albums - manufacturer raised their price - still a good deal at $3.00
03/14 - John has been working hard to replenish our stock of roomboxes and shops.
02/14 - I have been trying to put items on our Facebook Page 
02/14 - I have been ordering frames to have a good selection for 2014. Also printing a lot of pictures.
01/14 - We now have a Large 1891 Shop - similar to the Large Victorian Shop.
12/13 - Have a safe and happy Holiday season and we will hopefully see you in the New Year!
12/13 - John is still working on special orders and planning new items for 2014!
12/13 - Wow!  There are 2 of our boxes on eBay!  One, the French, sold for much more than we sell it for, and the other closes today !
11/13 - Created a new special request box - it will now be a normal box for everyone - 24" Southwestern.
11/13 - nice seeing some of our Central Ohio miniature friends at the Columbus show!
10/13 - Tyson's Corners show was good - still trying to catch up on orders
10/13 - Evelyn Gilbert's miniature collection was awe-inspiring.  If you have not seen it and get a chance, take it !!!!
10/13 - Cleveland Miniaturia Society was our first show back after John's accident.  Thanks, everyone, for the good wishes !
08/13 - missed going to IGMA and Chicago Fall - I hope you all understand.  It was just too early.
06/13 - John had his accident - very scary at first.  After several months and a lot of work, he's back to doing miniatures.
05/13 - working on orders kept John busy, along with building up stock for upcoming shows.
04/13 - Chicago International was even better than last year !!  Thanks, all! (Tom, Leni, vendors, customers, friends!)
01/13 - Goliath Miniatures show calendar now on line - some shows not committed yet.
01/13 - see some of my England pix on the scrapbooks in Jackie Benham's great article on her Scrapbooking room - March 2013 - Miniature Collector - pg 34 - wonder if it is our French roombox?  thanks, Jackie
01/13 - see our ad for Chicago 2013 on page 86 of the March 2013 issue of Miniature Collector - John is working on some great new stuff!
01/13 - We now have a Facebook page - click here - post pictures of what you have done with our boxes if you like!
11/12 - Many of you have been asking for Asian-inspired roomboxes.  The Chinese Roombox debuted at PM.  Japanese to follow (?).
11/12 - Did not know what to expect at Philadelphia Miniaturia - luckily the hurricane-effected people we talked to were OK.  
Hope all of you found us in our new spot.  We missed talking to a few friends - hope you are OK.  
Congratulations to Roger Gutheil on his retirement from shows (see webpage).
10/12 - Saw many old friends at Mid-Atlantic, met a few new ones.  Can't believe I forgot my camera - picture of show is from my iPhone!
10/12 - We will be at the Mid-Atlantic Dollhouse Miniatures Festival in Falls Church, VA this Sunday - Oct. 21  (Molly Cromwell)
10/12 - Three pages of Jacqueline's frames are online and ready to order.  Also photo albums in nine colors.
08/12 - A new roombox - The Craftsman - is now available.  Also debuted at Chicago Fall Show.
08/12 - The large Victorian Shop is now available.  May be the first of many in similar size.  Debuted at Chicago Fall Show.
08/12 - On our "In the News" page, you will see links to the actual article from Miniature Collector (in case you don't have a subscription)
07/12 - Look for a picture of one of our roomboxes in the IGMA ad in the September issue of Miniature Collector!
07/12 - Tell your Garden Railway friends about our 1/2 scale structures - 1:24 scale !
06/12 - John is working on larger format Storefronts - 24" wide or larger - more later!!
06/12 - The Art Deco roombox in several colors is now on the website
06/12 - Our Victorian Storefront  -  customized by Jo Bevilacqua - Spencer's Nook - is on pg 33 - Miniature Collector - August 2012 issue !!!!
06/12 - Our article about some of the finished roomboxes is in the August Miniature Collector - you probably received it the week of June 25!!!    page 28.  Thank you to our customers/friends who submitted pictures of their wonderful work !!!!
05/12 - We will be at the Chicago Fall Show (Tom Bishop) for the first time - August 10 thru 12 !!
05/12 - I broke my right wrist and can't type very well - if my emails are short, I'm sorry.
05/12 - new items from Chicago will be on web page later today
04/12 - John's work may be in 2 museums - will keep you posted!!!!!
04/12 - Chicago International was great!!!!  So great to see old friends and make new ones!!!
04/12 - look for new colors in Photo Albums
03/12 - check out the Southwest Storefront as interpreted by D Scheuer - pg. 12 - Miniature Collector - May 2012
03/12 - look for a new 24" roombox at Chicago International   TUSCAN
03/12 - look for a new pavilion at Chicago International         (actually there were 2!!!)    French 2012       Art Deco  
02/12 - One of John's storefronts is featured on page 63 of Dollhouse Miniatures - March/April 2012 issue - Jo at Spencer's Nook is offering a class on creating a fantastic roombox !   http://spencersnook.com/     Finished Picture
12/11 - John is working on special new items to be debuted at Chicago International 2012 !!!!!
12/11 - Goliath Miniatures' ad is in the Chicago International section of Miniature Collector - February 2012 issue - page 75
12/11 - We are so excited - John was profiled in the "Meet Me in Chicago" article in the Feb 2012 issue - Miniature Collector - page 54   - click on the link to see the entire article - permission granted by Miniature Collector
11/11 - Our newest 24" Large Format Roombox debuted at Philadelphia Miniaturia - the Art Deco
10/11 - we will be at the Tyson's Corner Miniature Show for the first time!
09/11 - look for mini magazines and more snapshots at IGMA show
09/11 - look for newest 1/24 - half scale storefront - at IGMA show - Victorian Shop
09/11 - Look for newest 1/12 scale roombox at IGMA show - Art Deco
07/11 - Look for Goliath Miniatures' first half scale roombox (Southwest storefront) at the NAME Convention
07/11 - special Cleveland snapshots - 21 for $5.00
07/11 - our ad for the NAME Convention appeared in the Miniature Gazette
06/11 - at the NAME National Convention tour in Cleveland OH -
look for 2 of our houses - Virginia Federal and Art Deco
05/11 - delivered French Chateau
05/11 -  "No More Mouse in the House" - Miniature Collector - July 2011
05/11 - one of our finished boxes was on display at Ann Arbor show.
04/11 - We will be in the Chicago International Show - April 2012 !!!!
04/11 - rec'd first pictures of completed Goliath roombox!
02/11 - completed my personal "Classical Roombox"
11/10 - Selected as a dealer for NAME National Convention in Cleveland, OH in July 2011 !!!
11/10 - second year at "our" location in the foyer at Philadelphia Miniaturia
11/10 - introduced 'photo tables' displaying photos and albums
10/10 - new line of Halloween - themed pictures
9/10 - all roomboxes and storefronts well received at IGMA show
8/10 - Debut of new photo display box - allows for better viewing of much more product - Enjoy !
8/10 - Debut of new Tudor roombox - Dayton show
8/10 - please use coupons for Three Blind Mice shows
8/10 - new "collage" pictures - self matted and to fit collage frames from Jacqueline's frames
8/10 - one of our storefronts was in the exhibits at the Dayton Three Blind Mice show - won BIG CHEESE award !!!!!
6/10   - Debut of new Southwestern roombox - at Sturbridge show
6/10   - Debut of new Tuscan roombox - at Sturbridge show
5/10   - We now have Gift Certificates on line
5/10   - Debut of 24" French roombox - first of a line of LARGE FORMAT room boxes
5/10   - Debut of new Keystone roombox
4/10   - Debut of slightly larger format roomboxes - floor is now 11" x 16"
4/10   - We participated in the first Three Blind Mice Pittsburgh show - look for an ever better show next year!
3/10   - We have added various stones to our component page
3/10   - We have updated our Southwestern Storefront with a new "tile" roof made from resin - much more realistic.
2/10   - We are now listed in the Miniature Collector Web Site Directory
1/10   - 2010 Show schedule posted  - please plan to stop by!
11/09 - Philadelphia Show was great - thanks to all who stopped by - we enjoyed so much talking to all of you
11/09 - French Pavilion debuted at Philadelphia Miniaturia
11/09 - Classical Pavilion debuted at Philadelphia Miniaturia
7/09 - Miniature Photo sets are available on line
7/09 - Roomboxes and storefronts can be seen/purchased at local stores
7/09 - Miniature photos start to appear on site to be purchased online
6/09 - Roomboxes are offered wholesale to select dealers
6/09 - Irish Cottage is painted
5/09 - Irish Cottage is available at show
5/09 - French Chateau roombox debuted at show
4/09 - expanded line of miniature picture frames
4/09 - Classic roombox debuted at show
4/09 - 1891 Bay Storefront debuted at show
4/09 - Victorian roombox debuted at show
2/09 - Southwestern Storefront debuted at show
10/08 - Single Victorian Storefront debuted at show
10/08 - Double Victorian Storefront debuted at show
8/08 - Architectural roomboxes debuted at show
8/08 - Miniature Photos debuted at show

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